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  • The Black Mage prequel series (book 1-4) -Set 100 years before The Black Mage series, dealing with the events that led to the Great Compromise between kingdoms. This new series will tell the tale of a young woman and a young man that played instrumental roles in that time, and yes, they just so happen to be enemies in opposing kingdoms…  Add to your Goodreads TBR pile: HEREAuthor’s Note: I am trying really hard to get the entire series out by mid-spring 2022. I’m planning on releasing all 4 books within 1-2 months of each other (so assume book one April 2022, book two May 2022, etc) so you guys don’t have to wait a year between releases -and yes, that means the first book is already complete, and yes, maybe I’ll get lucky and get the books out to you guys sooner but between mom life (we don’t have childcare or family nearby unfortunately), more cases of anxiety/writer’s block than any one person should ever experience, drafting, revisions, edits, cover art, and making sure these books are as awesome as they can be it’s taken me a lot longer with this series then I initially planned and I apologize to any readers that have been anxiously stalking this page for updates. You all deserve better and I’m so sorry it’s taken me so long. The moment I have a set release date/preorder link I’ll be posting the info everywhere – on social media, my website, and my NEWSLETTER.
  • NA Romantic Thriller-Suspense (book 1) -An 18-year-old celebrity deals with a sequence of terrifying events. This series will be slightly steamier than Rachel’s YA works. Add to your Goodreads TBR pile: HERE. *This series may be traditionally published (as opposed to self-published), which might delay release date another year or so. Will update release date schedule once this has been determined.
  • NA Romantic Thriller-Suspense (book 2) -more info to be revealed at a later date.
  • NA Romantic Thriller-Suspense (book 3, final book) -more info to be revealed at a later date.
  • Standalone YA novels (contemporary, thriller, fairytale retellings, dystopian, adventure, and possibly fantasy) -more info to be revealed at a later date.


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