Future Books

  • The Black Mage prequel series (book 1-4) – Set 100 years before The Black Mage series, dealing with the events that led to the Great Compromise between kingdoms and a whole new cast of characters…  Add to your Goodreads TBR pile: HEREAuthor’s Note 10-22-23: Sorry guys, a lot of things took precedence in my personal life and I put this series on the back burner! That said, writing has always and will always be a part of my life. I *will* be releasing more books and I have no intention of ever stopping. As to the promised prequel series, it is still coming but my writing hasn’t been consistent and when it has been, the story hasn’t been “right.” I won’t release or talk about the series in more detail until all the books are complete (that way you can binge and not wait years for the sequels) and while I have a wishful end date (and many unmet deadlines!) I can’t commit to anything at the moment (goal = late 2024). I’ve written books in a month and others have taken me years. I can only hope that the end result is worthy of your wait. And let’s hope to all that is holy I do not take another decade for the many books after it that I hope to write (and have been plotting for years!). I’m so sorry, and I promise the moment the books are up for preorder you will be notified if you are subscribed to my NEWSLETTER!
  • NA Romantic Fantasy Trilogy (books 1-3) – 2025-2027, more info to be revealed at a later date.