Future Books

  • The Black Mage prequel series (book 1-4) -Set 100 years before The Black Mage series, dealing with the events that led to the Great Compromise between kingdoms. This new series will tell the tale of a young woman and a young man that played instrumental roles in that time, and yes, they just so happen to be enemies in opposing kingdoms…  Add to your Goodreads TBR pile: HEREAuthor’s Note: I am trying really hard to get the entire series out by late summer/early fall 2023. I’m planning on releasing all 4 books within 1-2 months of each other so you guys don’t have to wait a year between releases -and yes, that means some of the books are already complete, and yes, maybe I’ll get lucky and get the books out to you guys sooner but I can’t make any promises! I’m sorry it’s taken me a lot longer with this series than I initially planned and I apologize to any readers that have been anxiously stalking this page for updates. You all deserve better and I’m so sorry it’s taken me so long. The moment I have a set release date/preorder link I’ll be posting the info everywhere – on social media, my website, and my NEWSLETTER.
  • NA Romantic Fantasy Trilogy (books 1-3) – 2024-2026, more info to be revealed at a later date.