Future Books

  • The Black Mage prequel series (book 1-4) – Set 100 years before The Black Mage series, dealing with the events that led to the Great Compromise between kingdoms and a whole new cast of characters…  Add to your Goodreads TBR pile: HEREAuthor’s Note 5-15-24: Sorry guys, it’s taken me a lot longer to finish this series than I anticipated (non-writer real world stuff got in the way). I am *still* planning on finishing this series but I’m not releasing it until all 4 books are complete (because the last thing I want to do is leave anyone hanging!). I am really hoping to get it out to you guys late 2025-2026 and I will update this page as soon as I have more info (you can always follow me on AMAZON or my AUTHOR NEWSLETTER for new release info as well).
  • Future Series to come – 2027-2030, more info to be revealed at a later date.